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Greetings friends,

We are very grateful for all the support you have given us, we are well on our way to providing beautiful container classrooms for the children of Saviour King Education Centre. The container construction is on the finishing stage and is already causing so much excitement in the whole neighborhood of Kibera slum. At this stage: Painting work is underway, floor tiling is underway, and grill windows that open outward is also underway. The remaining work is estimated to be completed in a week. Thanks so much for your partnership in this project.


Just to give a clear picture of what still needs to be done:

  • We need to build a security wall around the building.
  • We need to build a store house in the space provided for under the containers, it’s same size as a classroom.
  • We need to do a proper drainage to prevent any flooding when it rains.
  • We need to cover the whole compound with slabs to ensure that the compound is free from dust or mud when it rains.

The final phase is equipping as follows:

  • Equipment for the ICT Centre
  • Proper furniture for the classrooms
  • Equipment for the clinic
  • Medicine
  • Qualified staff for each program

Friend, we count it a blessing to make another call for rallying prayer and financial support to be able to complete this project and in the end give our children a clean, safe and protective learning environment.

We pray God’s blessing upon you and yours. With love from Nairobi-Kenya!


Containeren står ferdig med fine farger.
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