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Austin who is doing Business administration

We trust and pray that you are well by God’s grace. We are fine and full of gratitude for the sustaining grace of God and his continued blessings in and around the ministry in this first quarter of the year. 

Back to School

First, it was a busy but an exciting start for our programs since all the school children had to report back to school at the same time. It was a blessing for them to go back to school after a long break occasioned by Covid 19. We have seen God’s grace, none of them has been infected by the virus and we pray that his grace continues to sustain them.

There is a total of 574 children in the Kibera School and 39 children at the children’s home out of which 7 are in boarding high school and 2 are in boarding colleges. 

There is going to be a transition for six of our children at the home. Two are sitting their final exam in high school this month after which they will be joining University in September. Also there are 4 children who are beginning their final exams in primary school and will join high school in July.

Among those who has joined college this year is Austin who is doing Business administration. He is one of the founder members of Garden Of Eden children’s home in 2012. He studied in a boarding high school where he was the class secretary throughout the four years. His teachers say it is because of his disciple in school. He has also been a disciplined member of Garden Of Eden and a good example to the children in the home. He is also focused in his studies and we are very grateful for him.

Austin starting at college, Business administration.

Children’s Choir

Our new GOEden kids’ choir is working on producing more songs and dances, this is also a big new growth in our programs and you will be getting blessed and entertained by them as they aim to reach the whole world with their talent in Music and Dance.

GOEden Kids

Guest house

Our mega construction project is at the finishing stage. It is the biggest and it’s a beautiful guest house/ staff house. Our prayer is that any extra offering we receive will go towards finishing this project.

We will be committed to sending you more update as the year progresses.  We would like to let you know that your partnership is really valued and without you we would not have made the difference in the lives of all the children and families under our care. Thank you so much for all the support and prayer. 

Guest house

Thomas and Beatrice.